Lovebirds and St Valentine’s Day

Lovebirds are the second smallest species of parrot, and it’s not difficult to adore these pretty creatures. ‘Love is a spirit of all compact fire,’ according to Shakespeare and cheap bongs these birds certainly are passionate creatures. They chat and scream, play all day and cuddle up to one another demanding constant affection. If you do decide to keep these birds be aware of their liveliness and constant chatter – and they are best kept in pairs.

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One thing you can expect from your lovebirds is constancy. They are birds of marriage, forming lifelong attachments to each other and have a strong bong with their human owners. As the birds tend to pair off, keeping an odd number is not a good idea, as one may be left to idle on the sidelines. Perhaps these birds get their passion from the hot, vibrant continent they come from, because these bright beauties are originally African.

Love begets love; so treat these birds well and they will reward you with adoration and life-long commitment. If not treated with gentleness and care they become nippy. Be aware that they have a long lifespan, so where these birds are concerned, as  with any relationship, nothing should be done in half measures.

Another universal truth about love is that it needs space to thrive and so do your lovebirds. The bigger the cage, and the more toys they have, the happier and more affectionate they will be. Make sure you cage is at least bigger than 24 inches with  the bars should be spaced at half an inch each, otherwise they may get their beaks and toes stuck. For birds they are rather particular about their surroundings, so make sure the housework is done properly for your feathery friends.

Of course, every fire needs fuel, even the fire of passion and the birds need a varied diet of fruit and vegetables, beans, pasta and seeds and pellets. These creatures are not ignorant of their own appeal – they come in vibrant blues, greens and yellows and reds – and like any beautiful bird, they are quite high maintenance. Their nails need to be trimmed every 6 weeks, and their flight feathers should be trimmed to avoid accidents. They also need an annual check-up and their weight should be monitored.

Mae Hong Son lies in the very remote and beautiful northwest of Thailand. It can be reached from Chiang Mai either from a northern route via Pai or a southern route via Mae Sariang. Both routes provide breath-taking scenery and the opportunity to see parts of Burma, Shan tows, hill people, many natural features such as waterfalls, hot springs, caves and regional faming. Often called the Mae Hong Son loop, the route provides an excellent way to see some of Thailand’s local cultures amidst the dramatic northern landscape.

The southern route is approximately 360 km long and passes Doi Inthanon Thailand’s highest mountain. There are three very scenic waterfalls in the national park at Mae Klang, Vachiratarn and Mae Yai falls. Traveling further west through Hot the route takes on a more adventurous rugged feel with twisting bends magnificent scenery and waterfalls as it passes through Bo Luang, Kong Loi, Mae Ho and on to Mae Sariang. From here the route heads north to Mae La Noi and passes through narrow valleys with steep hill sides eventually reaching Mae Hong Son.

The town is well surrounded by mountains and has a cool climate. It was originally founded in 1831 as elephant trainning camp for royal elephants caught in the neighbouring forests. For most of its history the town was difficult to access and isolated from the other northern Thai towns. Situated on the western border between Thailand and Burma it has always experienced the cultures of both countries. Much of the towns architecture has a heavy Burmese influence especially Wat Chong Kham. There is a small memorial to Phraya Sihonatracta the first governor of Mae Hong Son to the south of the town. Most pictures of the town however depict the chedis and lake at Wat Chong Kham and Chong Klang. The lake was originally used in the 19th century as a bathing pool for royal elephants. On the mountain overlooking the town is Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu built in the 19th century. There are excellent views from here over the surrounding valley. Other temples in the region are Wat Kam Ko, Wat Hua Wieng which houses a very large Burmese style Buddha image, and Wat Phra Non which has a 12m long reclining Buddha image.

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