A Short Intro to NCLEX Exam Prep

The NCLEX, sometimes referred to as ‘Nursing State Board’, stands for National Council Licensing Examination. It is a computerized adaptive test that selects questions based on the overall NCLEX content requirements, and your previous answers. Exam database contains thousands of questions, but during the test NCLEX candidates will get from 75 to 265 NCLEX-RN questions for RN applicants, or from 85 to 205 NCLEX-PN questions for PN applicants.

Nursing students who want to take the NCLEX exam must send a request for a licensure application along with the licensing fee to the Board of Nursing of their choice, and follow the application procedure established by this Board. The fact that nurse licensing rules differ from state to state jamb runs , and many states do not have residency requirements, gives nursing applicants some flexibility to choose the easier or more economical licensing procedure.

It is important to remember that although the NCLEX test is designed to evaluate the applicant’s proficiency with nursing procedures and knowledge they learned at the nursing school; the NCLEX questions are often detached from the real life. Therefore, nursing education alone is insufficient for passing the exam. For example, while in real life the nurse has to care for several patients at the same time, a lot of test questions are written on a “1 nurse – 1 patient” model. This is precisely why preparing for the NCLEX exam is hard even for the best of nursing students. That also explains why nursing students require focused preparation to pass the NCLEX test.

While preparing for the exam, it is important to remember that knowing fundamentals is vital to the passing NCLEX successfully. Question banks alone most likely will not do the trick. This is because the exact questions that are asked on the exam are not available anywhere, and even the best NCLEX style questions are just that – imitations of the NCLEX test questions prepared by people who are prohibited by law from working on the actual exam due to conflict of interests. Furthermore, candidates who work on questions alone are often trying to memorize all the answers, which is nearly impossible to do. That is why it is important to select content based NCLEX reviews that will give you a thorough understanding of the exam material.

The ACT exam is given throughout the year under the American College testing program since 1959. The purpose of the exam is to test whether or not the candidates are ready to enter the college-level. The exam is widespread and is used by various US colleges to judge the qualification for merit scholarships.

The ACT exam covers four subjects including English, mathematics, science and reading that are offered in a multiple choice format. Though the writing section had been introduced in 2005, however it is not acceptable in many colleges till date. The 3.5 hours exam is given at various Prometric centers in the months of September, October, December, February, April and June.

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