How to Write a College English Concept Essay

The concept essay is a type of English essay that provides endless opportunities for exploration. You can make a concept article personal and memorable by drawing on your personal experience and mixing it with vivid, colourful examples.

Don’t use concepts that are not objectively defined. These are difficult to interpret and will not give you much to write about. Don’t choose a dictionary definition as your subject for an essay.

Pick a concept that is important to you and which you can demonstrate with examples. Consider concepts that are inherently subjective like “success,” courage, security, fulfillment and satisfaction. You will need to explain and define these concepts.

Your introduction should begin with a short story that captures the essence of the essay. It should engage and grab attention, just like any introduction.

End your introduction with a strong thesis that is unique and personal, but also logically reasoned. Your terms are the most important part of defining the concept. For example, a thesis statement about success for an essay might be able to engage readers if it stated, “I have been rich, I’ve never been broke and I’ve been everything in between. So success to me doesn’t have to do money. It has to do with sharing my lives with someone truly special.”

Keep your essay focused and on the right track. You would need to show how having monetary wealth did not give you the feeling of success. Spend the majority of your essay discussing how you share your life with someone special. Give examples to back up your points.

End your concept essay with a new story or a reiteration of your premise. A concept essay is most effective when it leaves the reader with something to think about or reflect upon.

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