Private Tutoring – How To Acquire It

When your child struggles in school, private tutoring is a great way to get him up to where he should be. The personal attention boosts confidence and without the distraction of other students, your child will be able to absorb much more information. You can provide tutoring yourself strategies to improve reading fluency, or if you do not feel confident enough in your own abilities, tutors can be hired.

You can find qualified tutors in the phone book, on the internet or at local schools. Depending on the age of your child, a high school student can be an ideal, inexpensive tutor. Just ask the principal to recommend a suitable pupil or post your needs on the school’s job board.

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Students are always interested in earning a few bucks. If your child is older, your local college is a good place to find a tutor. We all know college students will do just about anything to supplement their incomes and reduce the amount of student loans they have to borrow.

Before you a hire student hold interviews with several potential tutors. Not every person is qualified to teach others. Some students are too immature to effectively deal with a small child or teenager. And remember, you get what you pay for.

A professional tutor is usually a retired teacher, or a student that has spent many years earning college money by teaching others. A professional will cost more, but comes with years of experience. There are also many tutors that have made this their career of choice. They are people with teaching degrees, but have decided on a tutoring career rather than a traditional teaching job. These are the people usually employed by child actors or rich families living in remote locations. Any students unable to attend a regular school might hire a full time private tutor.

Memory plays a critical role in all areas of life. At home, school, and at play, a person’s ability to remember what they hear or see can dramatically affect their lives.

In order to understand why this is so, let’s take a look at the different types of memory and what role they play in learning. The first type of memory is called short-term memory, and is sometimes called “learning’s front entrance.” This is because anything that we hear or see must first pass through short-term memory. Then the mind has just a few seconds to decide what to do with the information. Can we use this information right now, or does it need to be filed away for later? Perhaps it is something we don’t need at all.

Short-term memory by necessity is very short, since it must process the torrent of data competing for space in our minds. Sometimes it happens that different types of material are processed less efficiently than others. Thus, a child may have a problem with information presented verbally, visually, or sequentially- or all of them combined.

A child can also have difficulty with recoding. Most information that comes into the brain cannot be remembered in its entirety. If a teacher tells his class what page in social studies they have to review for the next day, and also talks about what tomorrow’s schedule will be, it would be very difficult (and inefficient) to remember every single word he says.

Children must therefore be able to extract the most important information out of what they hear or see. For some children, this ability to paraphrase is very difficult. However, being able to paraphrase information is a crucial skill in learning, so this could seriously hamper a child’s success in school.

The next type of memory is active working memory. Active working memory is involved in four specific areas. Firstly, it provides the mind space for the combining or developing of ideas. An example of this would be remembering what is at the top of a page by the time you get to the bottom of the page. Secondly, it helps you hold together the parts of a task while engaged in that task. This helps you remember, for example, where you put the screwdriver down before you grabbed the hammer.

The third area that active working memory is involved in is similar to the notepad function on your computer: it acts as a meeting place where short-term memory can work together with long-term memory. Just as you can place a picture on your notepad and then paste it into a document, active working memory helps you remember the question asked by your best friend while searching for the answer.

The last area active working memory plays a role is in holding multiple immediate plans and intentions in one place. For example, it helps you remember to pick up more milk from the grocery on your way back from the hardware store.

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