Gurgaon Real Estate – A Trendsetter for Specialty Malls in India

Gurgaon real estate initiatives have always been a trend-setter for the property markets of India, and the concept of ‘Specialty Malls’ is something that sprouted from this city and has now been created waves across the country.

It was some couple of years ago in October 2004 when India’s first specialty mall based on precious metals, stones and jewelry was launched here, and there is no looking back since then. Gurgaon property markets have received the project with open arms!!!

Taking the cue, real estate developers in Gurgaon and all across have started exploring the underlying opportunities in the concept well enough and shopping mall projects focusing on furnishings, furniture, lifestyle and so on…have been coming up at different parts of the country 레플리카 .

After receiving tremendous success for its specialty mall in Gurgaon ‘Goldsouk’, the Aerens Goldsouk International has cooked ambitious plans to spread its wings over India. According to sources, construction of Goldsouk mall in Jaipur is in full swing and would be completed anytime in year 2009.

The emerging real estate market of Ludhiana and Pune is also ringing high on charts as far as property values and real estate trends are concerned. The cities have their due pie of specialty charts.

Also, it is not that such kinds of malls are making way in the northern part or a few big cities of the country. Down south, the metropolitan city of Chennai also is slated to receive a specialty mall in the same lines.

The beautiful port city of Kochi is also not untouched of the wave. In fact, there is no reason why it should not be receiving best of real estate projects of India. According to the sources, Kochi real estate would also soon boast of a specialty mall focused on gold and jewelry. And looking at the volume of national and international visitors the city receives every month, the market experts project success of the concept quite confidently.

The Retailers Association of India (RAI) also keeps its fingers crossed over the subject and express content over the way Indian markets have been reacting to the international real estate themes. According to RAI, the number of specialty malls in India at present can be counted on fingers but the same would be near 10 per cent of the total number of shopping malls in India, in the medium term.

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