Three Top WordPress Themes

WordPress blogs are one of the easiest and most popular ways of creating a web presence on the internet. WordPress is an easy-to-use free and open source content management platform written in PHP and equipped with a MySQL or MSSQL database. Features available to WordPress users include a fully featured template system and a plugin architecture, also called Themes.

There are two different types of WordPress Themes: Widget and Themes-in-progress. A widget is a small application which displays pre-designed elements such as a navigation bar or buttons. A theme is an extensive collection of pre-designed widgets, sidebars, and menus that can be customized by the use of plugins.

There are many WordPress themes available for users to download and install. The most popular themes are Holiday, Fashion, Audio, Lifestyle, Men’s & Women’s and Sports. There are also some really new themes being released every month. Users can choose from Joomla, Drupal, Magento, My SQL, PHPBB and WordPress to name a few. These themes will vary in style and complexity according to the need of the user.

There are many different WordPress plugins that enhance the functionality of WordPress Blogs. One plugin helps the user to create a “dashboard” on the top-right corner of the screen. This dashboard contains all the information regarding the author of a particular post, the published date and keywords used for search. Other useful information such as comments and user interaction is also displayed on this board. In addition, this plugin enables a user to set custom links to various other websites.

Another commonly used plugin is the Worpdresser from WordPress. This customizer facilitates the use of a Worpdresser theme, which is a stripped down WordPress theme with most of its features enabled. This gives an administrator the ability to change some different aspect of the blog posts such as title, description, header, footer and colors. A Worpdresser theme can be activated whenever a user logs into WordPress using his username and password. It can also be activated whenever a customer for a homepage is updated in the backend.

A third type of plugin is the WordPress Widgets plugin. This plugin provides a widget which displays an editor’s preferred widgets as scroll bars on the side or as buttons on the sidebar. When the mouse is moved over a widget, a preview of it is immediately shown on the right side of the editor’s page.

One popular yet powerful plugin is the WordPress SEO plugin. This plugin, together with the Worpdresser plugin, allows web developers to easily optimize their websites for major search engines. The two can be used together to create search engine friendly content, resulting in higher visibility and traffic for websites. However, it is important that these developers choose the right plugins for their websites. While WordPress SEO by default shows search engine friendly titles and meta tags, search engine friendly content should be written differently from regular content. In this case, developers can use “Sitemap Mania” which is a popular plugin.

Finally, one new default theme that WordPress 4.0 brings is the All-In-One-SEO. This theme includes customizer, SEO, gallery and contact manager plugins. It also integrates with the All-in-One-SEO WordPress plugin to provide customizer customization. The All-In-One-SEO theme, which is the most recent one, comes with various themes such as Times New Roman, Allcaps, and others. These new default theme and customizer features, along with the Worpdresser and SEO plugins, make WordPress a great platform for bloggers.

Many of the themes provide multiple page layouts. The most popular of these multiple page layouts is the dashboard theme, which gives users a graphical representation of their entire site. Other popular themes are the side-row and side-widget layouts, which are ideal for blogs that have the sidebar content. Moreover, popular widgets such as Google Maps, Google AdSense, PayPal and Yahoo! 360 widget can also be used with WordPress.

For those who want a fresh look for their WordPress blog, they can choose the All-in-One-SEO theme, which gives you a clean, white dashboard. A new default theme, this theme comes with a default admin bar and footer. There are no additional graphics or plug-ins needed. Another popular default theme is the wp-admin, which provides a quick way to navigate through your website. You will get started with this theme after installation of the WordPress base.

WordPress offers many themes for both new users and experienced bloggers. With so many themes to choose from, you can make your blog look different and unique even when using WordPress. With the new default theme, users have a clean and modern look for their blogs.

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