Being Smart With Smart Phones!

Have you ever had to call your wireless carrier, to ask why your phone is not working? To ask why is your phone freezing, flitching, powering off on its own, your volume keys are not responding and maybe even your touch screen not responding. You reach a technical representative as you contact your carrier, you explain what is going on with your cell phone, only to get told you will need to reset your phone and turn off all your apps you have running. After they reset your device you lose all your personal information. You lose your contacts, pictures, music and any kind of games you were playing. Like maybe candy crush or even angry birds, you lose all of your progress with that reset.

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After the reset is complete than the device seems to be working again. No freezing or flitching with any part of the device. Now the representative states with the device not having so much information on its memory the phone should work like new. You are very furious due to losing all of your information but because the device seems to be working, you just let it go, you end your conversation with the carrier and technical rep. As a few days pass you have started to place all of the information back in the device such as your applications you had all of the pictures you had (if you can find them) and all of the music you have downloaded is placed right back on to the memory of the device. And within a few weeks of you utilizing the device the way it should be utilized the device starts acting the same way it was before you called your carrier. The device starts all of its same behaviors all over again. It starts freezing, flitching, powering off on its own, your volume keys are not responding and maybe even your touch screen not responding. And at this point you’re done, you call your carrier and you start letting them know how you fell. You don’t understand why they are doing this to your device and why can’t you just have a phone that works. You ask for something that works at this point even if it’s a different model of device. The representative tells you it’s not an option to get something different the only option is to reset the device or replace the device with the same model of phone. You are so mad at this point because it seems as if your carrier caused this issue to your device. All of what is happening seems to have started when you first called your carrier. You lost your pictures, memory, contacts, games and all your music files gone!! You called your carrier to ask for help, but instead they erased all the work you put into the device Realme X7 Max 5G.

Well the truth of the matter is that the carrier has no idea what you have done to your device. Some Smart Phone users root their devices which causes the device to be freely open to any unknown sources and this causes viruses. All they know is what is going to get it working again. That is to erase any software that the device may have on it that may be conflicting with the software that was built into it. See software is a complicated language and it grows as it has more files placed into it. It grows like a child would grow when you teach them math. If you teach the child arithmetic, then you teach them multiplication and division and get to algebra, it seems to work just right and the child learns how numbers work. If you show the child algebra first then simple arithmetic the child would be so confused. It is the same with your smartphone, if you show the software of the device something that it just simply can’t understand and communicate with it will glitch. You must first read the application you are downloading.

You know how before you download an application the application gives you a simple rundown of what the application will have access too. Well this also has information on the requirements of what your device needs to have clean and clear in order for it to work. Say you have a second application that uses the same patch and requirements to work, then both of these applications cannot be running at the same time or they will cause flitches with the rest of the phone and its functions. They are both trying so hard to learn how to work together, they don’t have the ability because the software was never shown how to work in this way. Like showing a child algebra first it just confuses the point and the device will not function properly. You want to really keep an eye out for applications that use and access the same software in the phone. When they both access the same software files and continue to run in the background you will find issues. Everything that the application has access to will not work the way it should. You will find yourself in another call with your carrier losing all of your information again!!

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