5 More Things You Never Knew About Car Rental Policies

1. A Car Rental Adds Flexibility to Any Vacation. More and more families are opting to taking a driving vacation rather. With a rental vehicle, you have complete freedom when it comes to exploring your vacation destination. You don’t have to rely on public transportation or guided tours – you can make your own schedule. The independence that a car rental affords is well worth the cost of the rental. Don’t rush your family through attractions or activities; instead, enjoy each new experience at your own leisure. You may even find that exploring a bit off the beaten path adds an incredible dimension to your vacation experience.

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2. Security Deposits Will Freeze Part of Your Credit. When you pick up your rental car, even if you have paid in advance, the car rental agent is likely to ask for your credit card. This is for a security deposit. The full security deposit may be charged and refunded to you upon the return of the vehicle. Alternatively, the rental agency may freeze a portion of your line of credit corresponding to the security deposit but never actually finalize the charge unless it becomes necessary to cover damages Miami lambo rental.

3. How to Handle Fueling a Car Rental: Every rental agency has a different policy on fueling vehicles. No matter what, the car should have nearly a full tank of gas when you pick it up. This is great for getting you on your way quickly, but the flip side is that you are expected to return the vehicle with a full tank as well. This can be problematic if you are unfamiliar with the city you are in, or if you find yourself running late trying to make a flight home. For this reason, most agencies will offer you a pre-paid fuel option, where you agree to pay for a tank of gas at a fixed rate. If you agree to these terms, you can return the car as empty as you want. Just remember what your fueling agreement is as you go about your vacation and plan accordingly – there is no refund for partial tanks when you have a pre-paid fuel agreement!

4. Rentals Do Carry a Number of Restrictions. You must be 25 to drive a rental car. Sometimes, drivers over the age of 21 can be added for a fee if and only if the rental car is for a school-related activity. Any additional drivers you want in the car must be added to your contract before you leave. Also, there may be distance restrictions about the total mileage you can put on the car, as well as limitations on where you can drive the car. Most car rental policies require that you not cross state or country borders in the rental vehicle.

5. Help Is On The Way With Car Rental Emergencies! Put your mind at ease wit the 24-hour roadside assistance that comes standard with car rentals. This service is generally included in your rental fee. Should you have an accident or car trouble while on vacation, you simply call a number and help will be to you immediately. If necessary, you will be provided with a replacement car at no additional cost to get you back on your way.

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