Allied Global Solutions

United Alliance Global Solutions (UGS) is an international business, established in May 2021 to offer a highly specialized Afghan workforce to an evolving Afghanistan. The firm consists of thousands of Afghans from various backgrounds, to include: engineering, management, information technology, education and even public administration. The firm is strategically located in the safest part of the country, Kunduz, with easy access to both internally displaced people (IDP’s) and the international market. The rapid growth in this region of Afghanistan is expected to accelerate in coming years due to the success of the Kunduz-based United Reconstruction Force (URF), currently in training and deploying to combat against the Taliban.

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The firm also designs and implements cost effective programs based on a number of strategies to ensure maximum efficiency. The Kunduz City program has been proven to deliver the most qualified professionals to fill the most lucrative positions. The firm organizes regular job fairs for recruiting and hiring new talent. Job training modules are tailor made according to the needs of each employee Customer service call center.

The Kunduz program also involves a number of cooperative efforts. Participating contractors and subcontractors share information on how best to increase productivity. Training modules are designed to enhance collaboration among all levels of the teams. This results in a reduction in training costs. Over the long term, the program has proved to yield cost savings of approximately thirty percent of the overall cost of recruitment and training. This translates into substantial annual savings for UAGS.

Another important facet of the Kunduz program is the involvement of local businesses. In Kunduz, the local business community is actively participating in the program. As a result, local businesses are able to tap into the local markets. The result is increased employment and better livelihoods.

The Kunduz program incorporates a unique system that provides an online portal to recruit and hire talent. This portal, which can be accessed at anytime and anywhere, provides detailed and reliable profiles of talent from around the globe. From this wide source of applicants, qualified job candidates from across the world can apply for available positions. Candidates may also upload their resumes and trainings. Upon approval of a candidate, the portal then sends an email to the recruiter informing them of the candidate’s candidacy. Once hired, the selected candidate begins working at the assigned workplace.

The Kunduz HR outsourcing solution not only ensures a strong recruiting and hiring pipeline but it also improves a company’s efficiency by effectively managing the benefits of a diversified talent pool. The program enables a company to tap into the knowledge, skills, and experience of people from different parts of the world. It also enhances a company’s international presence, as it enables companies to tap into a diverse pool of potential candidates and international collaborations with other international firms.

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