Remote Aerial Photography Equipment & Tools

Remote Aerial Photography Equipment & Tools will explore equipment needs for aerial photographs and video. The discussion will extend from Professional level equipment to Recreational levels. Our goal is to bring this subject into a clearer, sharper focus.

5 Things That May Surprise You About Aerial Workouts

Regardless which level you choose to enter the field, skills and equipment used for taking unbelievable beautiful remote aerial images will save a lot of money over conventional Aerial Photography methods. Additionally, you will find a sense of accomplishment, and you will obtain a skill that you can use at your discretion, at your pleasure.

A key decision on any pursuit is the money component. That component exists in Remote Aerial Photography as well. First, we will touch briefly on the high-end tools with specificity on two such products before entering a discussion of recreational level budget equipment video.

The High End

The first of two examples of high end of Remote Aerial Photography is SkyCamUsa Company specializing in remote aerial photography using a special design helicopter. This flyer is capable to lifting quality photographic equipment of both film and digital formats. Examples of the cameras used include 35mm SL Cine SL35 Mark III, Panasonic HVX 200, and Nikon D2X 12.4 Mega Pixels. The camera equipment alone is valued in thousands of dollars.

DraganFly is a company producing a high-end dual rotor tri-copter flyer capable of carrying high-end camera equipment for High Definition in either still photo’s or video. The DraganFlyer X6’s design handles all photographic needs ranging from still, video, thermal infrared, low light. The purchase price of a base X6 starts at $14,995 up to specialty-equipped level flyers with price available by quote.

Both approaches produce high-level professional photographic results. If financial resources are available, multiple choices exist in this price level.

Aerial Photographic for Most of Us

A question that surfaces most often is, “How can I take that type aerial picture?” To provide a concise answer requires we narrow the scope of the answer. For this discussion, we will select an Easy Star by Multiplex as our base craft. This choice provides a very stable basic trainer airplane excellent for Aerial Photography. It also has been subject of much development efforts in FPV (First Person View), AP (Aerial Photography), and using OSD (On Screen Display) to provide flight data to the pilot.

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