Bathroom Remodeling – The DIY Approach

As you begin the do it yourself process of remodeling your bathroom, there are many options to consider including theme, budget, and space. The first step in the process is to calculate the budget that you will have to spend on the project. When the budget is set, you can begin putting together theme ideas and taking measurements. In considering your budget, you may want to do some window shopping for a sale or closeout special. This will give you an idea of how far you can go in the remodel.

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When putting together the theme for your bathroom, you will want to consider product availability. If you are looking for great deals, visit your local bath store and see what they have in stock that has been marked down. Often, you can find matching items that are being replaced with new models or styles and they need to get the previous model sold to make room for the new. Obviously, you will want the theme to reflect your personality whether you are wanting an antique theme or a more modern or eclectic theme wholesale pipes. If you can, collect catalogs or product pictures and keep your ideas together as you develop the makeover ideas.

It is important to keep both budget and theme in mind when window shopping. As you develop your theme, you may find options such as acquiring a sink or vanity that is on sales but has the wrong style handles. Using the internet, you may be able to find replacement handles that match the rest of the bathroom equipment. When looking for paint colors, sticking to neutral will allow more versatility in selecting colors of other items. Once you have selected everything it is time to remodel.

Assuming you have taken measurements, you should be able to turn off and unhook most equipment yourself. Simply turning off the water shutoff works for both sinks and toilets. The water to the whole house may have to be shut off when replacing the tub. If you are replacing a traditional tub with a corner tub, you may have to hire a professional plumber to move the fittings to accommodate the change. After the pipes have been moved, most of the project can be completed by simply installing each piece of equipment and making sure it is sealed and secure to the wall.

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